hello greetings from belgium, i am a bike lover! (pictures work now,,)

hello guys, new here, greetings from belgium,
these are the bikes i curently have ,
i have to go pickup the vf1000f by the end of the month, i bought it for only 650 euro :P. it should be in good shape. 51.0000 km on the odo, all original parts are still with the bike in a box exept the exhaust. there is an extra tank with it and all the cowls , all matt black. i might sell these parts because i like the stock colors .
my other bikes are all in perfect riding condition,
i keep them near stock, ;D

see album

Hi Trabbart, those pics haven’t come out but anyway welcome. You’re amongst friends here. Any questions? Fire away.

shame on photobucket, they destroyed this and al my other forum posts on other fora, , and many many thousands of other bloggers and people who share their technical knowledge illustrated with pictures, , they ask 400$ to let us share pictures. i will try an other solution,
i have been posting and reading more than 15 years all over the internet to the shovelhead forum, to fzr forum , xs forum, v8 buick forum etc etc etc all lost.
i hope someone find a solution to repair the links but i am afraid only photobucket can do this. the bastards.

worked a little bit wit igmur and i can post litle pictures now instead of the huge ones i tryed before,

A very nice collection indeed,I am biased toward the California only colours on your VF though.
Best regards Bif.