Hello, new member

For a while now I’ve been finally taking the urge to own a classic road bike, never happened due to family members worries etc,

I work 15 mins from work or 1hr in traffic!

So decided now I will do it.

Researched RD350LC as I love the noise, easily for the last month.

I went to my garage yesterday to work on my Sierra and there, just abandoned outside of a garage was this old bike, it had never been there before…

Rang another garage owner who has an RS Turbo and Focus RS, and he took over a garage from a neighbor as his Focus had been getting unwanted attention…

Garage owner said it had been there for years and he had given up with it like 10 years ago.

And, so he said I could have it!

No V5, keys, plastics/fairings, just as you see in this pic


So with some help of my mate, I tucked it away as the local hoodies had already been sitting on it and knocked it off the stand.

And here she is next to my Sapphire, bit tight but fits.

Great 21 000 mile classic to get dirty with yes?

I’m a master technician level “mechanic” so good starting point I hope.

Once i can apply for v5,( and obtain the reg number ) i will start seeing what is what.

Cheers, Sean.


Welcome to the forum,and what a way to start.
You have yourself a large chunk of an FF model.
Some parts are starting to be hard to find but there are plenty of members here who are willing to help out a genuine enthusiast get one more of these old girls back on the road.

Well thankyou Bif,

I have a VFr750f honda workshop manual, looks very comprehensive (green think in my picture, where her seat should be!) And hopefully similar to my 1000 model, for reference if nothing else.

I am currently learning about how CDi systems work and diagnosing issues.

Hopefully by next weekend I can have a good poke about to see what is going on.


Pm me your address,I’m sure I can spare a copy of the 1000FF manual.