Hello newbie from uk

hello stuart here, in the uk, a place called glossop.
i buy and sell and restore bikes as a hobby, had a vf750 a while back, to fix up and sell, and few weeks back picked up a barn find 1986 vf1000f i think its the ff. silver and blue with green needles. ive rebuilt the forks, put front tyre on, give it a wash, and bit of paint here and there on the frame, and its looking good.
carbs didnt need stripping as i am sure it hasnt been ran with the tank on, i think this rust in the tank has happened while last time its been stood, the fuel filter is clean, and with a bottle of fuel connected and new battery it started right away and sounds lovely. about 34600 miles on it, at the moment i have the fual tank strapped to the front of my cement mixer, ran it with soapy water and chippings for a few hours and now running it with the tank prep fluid in. ill be selling it as soon as it done and look for the next project… hopefully another vf as i like them.


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Welcome to the forum Stuart,I’m loving the tank cleaning idea.
Ps the needles should be yellow on the instruments

A good looking FF, I like the concrete mixer trick!
Is that a Lazer 4 into 1 exhaust on it?

The needles, are yellowish green, nice and bright, and i think the exhaust are lazer tail pipes, only the right hand one is scratched, . I was going to put tank liner in it but im worried the liner fluid will block the pickup filters on the end of the fuel pipes in the tank, so at the moment its sat with the acid etching fluid, rust remover in it, so its either leave alone once cleaned or put the tank liner in and mediately blow air back through the fuel pickup lines from the tap.

Hi Stuart, You are correct in being worried about blocking the gauze type filter/strainers in the fuel tank, especially the reserve one as it resides low in the channel below the fuel tap.
Which liner do you use?

I am thinking put the liner liquid in, leave on cement mixer half hour to coat everything, before it gets time to set, open fuel cap and take blank from fuel sender unit and give the fuel lines a good blow back with the air line should clear the fuel strainers.

You would need to make sure the pipework is clean and dry and air line has no water in it before you blow it. Also the filters are mushroom shaped and i would not think you could clear all of filter by blowing as the air jet would go straight forward, unless it rebounds a bit off the filter mesh. Let us know how you get on.

I would also check the flow of both on and reserve to make sure they are ok before you line it.

Seems to have worked, it wasnt easy and im now high as a kite from fumes, :smile:

Hey, I’ve been working on that too. Plus, it was all rusted through underneath, so I had to solder it. It was all hidden under a layer of paint. So watch out! I poured resin into the tank. To pour the tank out, I cut the pipe in the neck. You can’t pour too much in. Spill it all over the tank first, then let it flow into the filter area. Then pour out the rest according to the instructions. And purge the filter. It’s the reserve filter that’s at risk. It’s very low! Good job. I’m dealing with a different problem now. My connecting rod crank bearing is gone. The crank is out so I’m figuring out what to do with it since the shrouds are no longer on order. Anyone have experience with an engine overhaul?

I have not yet written that I am from the Czech Republic

Oh dear , the person i got my vf1000 from said always keep your eye on oil levals as they have a habit of chewing up big ends, im guessing he was right. Ide look for another engine but ive seen people selling these engines more than can buy a whole bike.

Hi caferacer,
a pity about your bearings. Stewart is right, it is often easier and cheaper to get a cheap bike with a good motor? If the crank is OK, you may be able to pick up bearings from somewhere. If you know the bearing size colour, which is normally marked in painted letters on the crank case it will help>
If the crankshaft is not scored, you could possibly pick up another rod with bearing - but if one big end bearing has failed then the others may be suspect also. Replacing the whole crank assembly, or another motor may be the only real option?
Good luck!

Buy another bike, can pick up a nice one for about 1400 quid, thats about two thirds more than you spend fixing yours that aint garenteed , then part your bike out and hey presto your repair job has cost hardly anything.

What grade of bearing do you need?
There are a few options available including bearings from a fiat engine that can be made to fit with very little work

Well just took my vf1000 for mot, it passed with advisory bit of play in top of rear suspension bush, so need to fix that, and then ill put it up for sale.