Hello there

Hi , where are you all?
I’m new to this site . Are there many of you>
I’m in South Yorkshire and am in the middle of rebuilding a 1984 VF 1000FE Interceptor. Been at it 12 months now…main distraction being…a Glorious Twatanium Blackbird.
Have picked up a number of “bits” for the bike…mainly from the States…so cheap out there and NO rust. My “prize” was a “gas” tank from Ohio for £28 !!! Took 6 months to deliver and at one time had given up hope…but when it arrived it was worth the wait…it’s like bloody brand new!!!The postage/packaging usually costs more.
if you want to get in touch then my e-mail addy is in my profile.

This time tomorrow it’ll be yesterday

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I’m here! Only let out of the garage on special occaisions!