Hello to all the VF1000 owners

Happen to stumble on the site and just wanted to say hello to all of you overseas from an owner in USA. My favorite motorcycle has always been the Interceptor since my 1st Interceptor in 1985.

Now I own the VF1000R and have since 2008. I added some upgrades to the old girl that includes suspension and new paint. I love the original scheme of the bike but it was painted over when I bought it so I went with a difference taste of the 80’s for her and and gave her a pearl white scheme, this is how she stands:

All the work was done by me. Again hello for USA…

Welcome Thunder, nice lookin’ R.

Hey Thunder, welcome.
Nice looking R you got.

Welcome, think I have posted this pic on our Facebook already! Great pic, nice bike.


Hi, Oldschool, nice hearing from you again. Your R is one of the nicest I’ve ever seen!

Ah, so you do! Just saw her. Thank you for posting her up. Now you meet the owner of the Thunder project.

A friend from France! How have you been?

Been out of forum activity for a couple of years now. Just limit myself in taking care of my site over in the US. Was sick all those 2 years, but I am doing so much better now. Hopes things are well for you.

Thank you all for compliment on my R.