Hey guys,

My name’s Chris. Thought I’d introduce myself as a proud new owner of a 1986 VF1000F2. I’ve only had it a few weeks, it’s been stolen already and I’ve only ridden it once! Having come from a fazer 600 to this is a bit of a change, but loving the look and feel of the bike already.

It was unfortunately stolen from my back garden last week, and thankfully recovered with only minor damage. the one thing they took was the fuse box cover under the main dials. I’ve hunted high and low to find one, and they just don’t seem to exist. Does anyone know where I would get such a thing?


Hey Chris,
I ordered a new one for my F2 through my local Honda dealer about a year ago as Japan still had stock. I’ll did through my paperwork when I get the chance to find the part number. With the part number it makes it far easier to source.

not “did” but “look” through my paperwork :slight_smile:

did you mean the fuse cover plate or the fuse holder and the wire attached


Part number for fuse box cover on VF1000F2 is 64127-MJ0-660. I have included a couple of links for places that apparently have this part. If you google search the part number then there are more options than these below.




Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for the quick replies. It’s much appreciated!

I mean just the rectangular plastic cover with the word FUSE on it. it sits below the dials.

thanks F2boldor, I think I might just order it from cmsnl