Hello !!

Just a quick hello from British Columbia.

I recently lucked out and found a mint 1985 Canadian model 1000R.

Only 23,000 km and in pretty damn nice shape.

First on the list will be a fork servicing, fluids changed but it really doesn’t need a lot more than that.

I’ve been riding since 1982 and have only ever seen one of these beasts, and it was in a collection, not on the road.

Good looking website, I’ll be making use of the info here.


I have just turned green with envy, hope that you ride it and don’t keep in a collection… :slight_smile:


Welcome to Heaven for Bikers[8D]

Thanks for the welcome. And yes, the bike is going to be a rider. On beautiful, warm, dry days when I don’t want to be on my Tuono I’ll be on the VF/R.

I took the bike out in the alley last night and ran it around for about 15 minutes. The engine didn’t crank over once before it fired and settled into a steady idle.

Temp came up, fan came out. Idles clean and pulled clean but really, I’m in an alley with no helmet and no insurance … I’m not pushing my luck. But it sounded dead sexy. The only nerve wracking bit is the clatter at idle (about 1000-1200RPM), mainly from right side. Are they a loud engine? How bad is the cam issue on the R models? Is the external oil line upgrade a requirement?

Looks like a set of HEL brake lines are on order. Also new rubber since the BT45’s on it are at least 7 years old. Barely worn, but old. Any suggestions for tire (tyre) options? I see Pirelli Sport Demons and Avon AV45/46 are out there … opinions?

Welcome along, sounds a beauty youve got yourself there. Its easy to get paranoid about these bikes and their cam "history". My understanding is that it was the 750s that suffered by far the worst and that was if people put poor grade lube in and didnt change it regularly.
My own humble opinion is also that the filter/strainer in the sump can easily get gundged up so on older machines thats a must and not too difficult to get to. Im thinking that the noise on the right side might just be a little backlash from the cam gears ?
Anyway, pets see some pictures aye ?

OK, pictures … lets see how this works out…

That is an absolute beauty! Im green with envy too! Lol. Someone mentioned the cam thing, well there is plenty writen about but I beleive that with modern high performance oils there is little issue now. There are a couple of points though, when adjusting valves adjust them in pairs to account for any rock in the follower fingers and change the oil at a lower mileage than service data will read. I carried out the oil mod on mine & have been happy with it.

Wow, I am feeling very disheartened looking at mine after looking at these pics, that looks great!

That was worth the wait … a “minter”.Looking at that workshop, it seems you`ve got several other interests all after your money !!

Cant go wrong with that “R” though. Keep it polished and ride on nice days and it should go up nicely in value.


yep, thats one very nice looking bike and one to look after for the future, welcome in and good luck

Thanks guys but I can’t take any credit for it. It’s only up to me to keep it that way.

Went on and did a 250 km shakedown run today. Flawless. Gotta get some new brake lines, sort out and service the suspension and then ride, ride, ride… on the dry days.

Very Very nice. braded brake lines are reasonable on ebay and Very well worth every penny, i put a set on my ‘HO’ and was very surprised at the diference. (shame it didn’t stop for the cow)