i`m Jan from germany and owner of two VF1000F. 49 years old and 30 years on the road with motorcycles. Favorites are the honda V4s. For all days i have a VFR800X Crossrunner. Hope to get some informations for my projects in your forum.


Willkommen Jan! Where are you in Germany?

Up in the northwest side of Schleswig Holstein. Roundabout 80km away of the border to denmark.


Very nice place! With my ex wife and our twins, we spent a 4 weeks holliday touring with bicycles from Marne to Esbjerg via Sankt Peter-Ording and all the nord sea islands…

Than im to late in this forum. If ive been earlier, you could get a coffee at my home on your trip. With bicycles? Respect! A lot of wind all year long on our coast. So i think it`s better to ride a motorcycle! I have seen your location is france? Is it right? On july 24th. we start our holiday trip to france (Bretagne). Chance to get a beer together? I will take my VFR800 on the trailer.


It’ll! be with pleasure if you come around Périgueux. Just send me a SMS, I send you my phone number by PM, or an Email and that will do the trick! We have a small local brewery with some interesting IPAs…