Helmet holder Arms for 1984 1000f ( both Sides )

Hi everyone I’m looking for the below parts as it seems I don’t have them in amongst all the parts i got when starting my project, Just wondering if any them has some for sale?

Part no 84120-mb2-000, 84110-mb2-000, 87511323-670, 87511323-671

Tony from Australia


I’m assuming that you have an FE, rather than an FF if it’s a 1984 example.

CMSNL have them if you can’t get any used ones.

They’re reassuringly expensive, though. About Au$210 for each of the grab rails, and about 90 bucks for the helmet lock assy.

Links here are for the FE:

Helmet holder: HOLDER,HELMET for VF1000F 1984 (E) - order at CMSNL

Grab Rail RH: GRIP,R.SIDE for VF1000F 1984 (E) - order at CMSNL

Grab Rail LH: GRIP,L.SIDE for VF1000F 1984 (E) - order at CMSNL

They have the reflectors, too, if you want them.

Hope this helps.


I have couple used ones. Delfinitely they have some wear and tear.

I can snap couple pictures if you are interested.

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Thanks again Chris , yes CMSNL has been my go to for lots of project parts, and thats where I got the Part Numbers from. After my heart started beating again after seeing the prices and converting to Aussie $, Decided to put the word out and look for some used ones. Yes I believe mine is a FE model.

Thanks Pablo, a couple of pics would be great, I’m in Australia, one step at a time but we would need to sort out how to get them here.

where are you in the world?

Cheers Tony

I am located in Poland. Shipping would not be that expensive. I think around 20e maximum. I would need to weigh the packed goods. If it is below 4kgs packed than 14e

I have two sets. I do not have the keys for them. Let me know what is fair price.

Set number two has some oxidation but has the reflectors. I will transfer the lock to so it is complete with the sale.

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Hi Tony, I am in Adelaide were are you? I will have a pair for you and maybe able to give you a key with the lock. Let me know and maybe we can sort something out.

Thanks John , I’m in Queensland, i have managed to get some shipped by Pablo, but thanks anyway

Cheers Tony

Hi John,
If Tony is sorted, I’m after a helmet lock and seat lock (just need the locks themselves) if you have them. I’m in Wagga NSW. If you could let me know would be great.

Hi Dean, What model do you have? Will you want a key? I may have to get a key cut if I have the right blanks. It means you will have two different keys for your bike. let me know and I can check what I have.

Mines a FE don’t mind having two keys as at this stage I don’t have either a seat lock or helmet lock. Happy to arrange my own key if it’s a hassle for you. Either way if good. Thanks

OK, let me check what I’ve got. I will have something for you, so if I find one with two keys I can send one to you. It would be cheaper for me to get a key cut as I would have the original. Give me a couple of days to get back to you. Just thought if you can let me know what the number of the key that you have is, then we might be lucky enough to find the same number? Up to you.

Great thanks. The key I’ve got is B25 which only works the ignition. Probably pushing my luck but if you have a helmet lock, seat lock and fuel cap all on the same key would be even better. Anyway let me know when you can.
Thanks again

How did we go with postage and a tracking number Pablo?

cheers Tony

Yes, package has been sent by Polish Post office


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cheers Pablo, will advise when I get it

Hi Dean can do everthing. Let me get into my workshop and work out which bike to take them off and find the best set for you.

Awesome thanks.

Hi Dean, Sorry for delay getting back to you but have been in Victoria helping a mate get ready to sell his house. You would not believe that out of nine bikes that not one of them have the same key for everything. Some have two or three and one has four? Do you have a parts list for your bike I can send you a PDF of the original Honda one if you like? Give me a few days and let me sort something out for you. I have a petrol cap and a seat lock and maybe an an ignition switch But will have to sort something out with the helmet lock on a different key. send me your E-mail address so that I can send you the parts book.

Hi John I think I messaged you? Just making sure you got my reply as it’s not on the feed. Thanks