help - carburetor trouble

hello every body i just got a 06/85 vf1000ff with only 3800 km on the clock but there is only one problem when i got it the carburetors were off and I am putting them back on; I only have one problem, where the air joiner pipes come from the carburetor does any one know where the air pipes attach too… or if someone can take a photo of the carburetor and send it too me it would be greatly appreciated; Thanks

Can you be a bit more specific. What do you mean by the ‘air joiner pipes’ and ‘air pipes’? What are they? What do they look like and how many are there?

Thanks for the prompt reply; You’ve got the 4 carbies, and carby one and two are connected with a fuel pipe and an air pipe; And the same is for carby 3 and 4; And the air pipes are sitting above the fuel pipes; The air pipes are black plastic t pipes and they connect carby one and two and then they split off to connect carby three and four; So I am not sure where to connect these ‘air pipes’ too; Is this enough information - if not please let me know; Again thank you for the reply;

hello again guys; i just downloaded the manual from the website and the air pipes are in chapter 4 page 9 and 12 but still the manual doesn’t give me much more information where they go to thanks

I think I know the ones you mean. They point upwards and should connect into the two holes in the underside of the aluminium lower air chamber/manifold. If you look at chapter 4, page 14, middle picture, it shows the two holes for the air pipes, in the centre, with rubber sealing grommets. They are a bugger to align, but if you look at the lower pic, it shows the view from inside the air chamber and there is a central cover plate, secured by one screw. If you take that cover plate off when refitting the carbs, you can see the air pipes as you go, then use a thin screwdriver or old coat hanger wire to wiggle them into position!

Might be page 15 in your book!!!

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thanks scratcher for the information it really helped allot i hope i can get this bike running soon can’t wait to hear her i think she’s gonna sound sweet ; i am for belgium but i immigrated to australia where i’ve been living for 5 years that where i picked up my bike for free it has just been sitting there wasting away and i’ve been riding bikes since i was 16 and i am 31 now a real bike nut but not really mechanical handed but i like a challenge to do this bike up my self sorry for the spelling i’m good but not that good i hope thats enough info tiny tim catch ya later boys

No problem Stan. Glad to be of assistance! Tho it might have been better if this thread wasn’t in the ‘Gallery’ section of the forum, but ‘In the Shed’! Unless you’re gonna post a pic up for us to have a looksee?

hi again i was just wondering how do you upload photos on to the forum so i can put some pics on from my 1000ff thanks

Ah, now there you have me, I’m afraid! I have never been able to fathom out how to upload pictures on here!!! You need the expertise of one of the admins for that, I can’t help you!

well i got the carburetors together and on the bike but still i don’t now where those 2 air pipes go to from the carburetors you’ve got 2 fuel pipes that joins to 1 and go’s to the tank and then you’ve got those air pipes that does the same but have no idea where they connect on do you have any idea and when i start her up with just squirting fuel straight into the carby’s it runs beautiful but as soon as i put the air box on and connect the tank she won’t run and there is fuel coming out so my guess is that those air pipes has something to do with the vacuum whatb do you reckon

Hi Stan,can you post the carb number for me?FF carbs differ from FE ones and dont vent into the lower airbox.If we have the number stamped on the main card body above the floatbowl it will give us a starting point.
regards BIF

My carbs are off the bike at the moment, so will have a look when I go down the garage.

hi guys i got it sorted the pipes are are the air vent for the carby’s the pipe curls up and hangs in a little loop screwed on one off the carby’s so thanks for ya help boys from now on i will post my mechanical shit in the shed forum because its more appropriate i’ll put one on straight away