Help Needed urgent

Please helppppp
How do these bits go together the internal fork rod and the top I assume that they should fit together but as I did not take apart do not have a clue.
I am sure someone with greater knowledge will know</font id=“size6”>

Also does anyone know where these bits fit as I dont Know photos of where the bits go would be great as cannot find in manual</font id=“size6”>

Top pic,these parts dont go together.The fork cap fits on the left fork and the damper adjusting rod fits in the right leg.Second pic,the large item on the left is the heat shield that fits onto the top of the front carbs.It fits via the right angle bracket in the middle onto a carb top.The semi-circular cutout fits over the throttle cables.The small bracket at the top of pic bolts onto the sidestand.A square rubber fits into the hole,a bolt goes through the bracket and rubber securing it to the sidestand.The other two are a bit of a mystery to me.Regards BIF

Hi Mick,The two long brackets on the right of your second pic fit to the top and bottom of the main radiator to locate the front cover.Try the parts manual on the site,its fab for identifying parts.Keep up the good work BIF