Help with Dual Head lights

New guy here. Been lurking for a while though.

I have a 83 VF750F which I just put on a VF1000R fairing and gauges. It was a winter project of mine which you can see here:

It is a 85 US model with the single head light. I then found a 86 Dual head light for it. I had to make my own top brackets with nothing to go on except being able to match it’s surface with the fairing head light opening… It fits flush top, sides and almost the bottom which is out about 3mm.

Now my problem. I’m used to adjusting a head light which changes the angle of the bezel and a fixed focus from the reflector. These lights the bezel stay fixed and the reflectors move w/bulbs (55/100w ea). My lights main intensity is to low. It doesn’t throw the intense part of the beam far enough out for my liking. Plus on High beams it seems like they are way to high. I have been adjusting the reflectors, a lot of turns, and have gotten them some what better. Though they still don’t throw far enough out for turns at night when going at a good clip. Curves are not bad but sharper turns I can’t see. So I spaced the bottom of the case out about 1/16th of an inch. Which did raise the intense part of the beam up a little.

One thing I don’t want to do is blind on coming drivers. Now my question. What relation ship does the reflector adjustment have on the intense part of the beam? Do I need to get the bezel where I what the intense part of the beam first, then adjust the reflector/bulb for the surrounding light? If that makes sense. Does adjusting the reflectors in/out actually do anything? I haven’t seen much so far. I started with both reflectors pointing flat front. I’ve turned the adjusting screws in about 15 turns and haven’t seen much difference, just a little. I’d like to be a little more precise with the beams.

Also the shielding buckets inside for the high beams, would tweaking those change where the high beam might hit the reflector to change the beam coming off the reflector. Not sure if that made sense.

I used to endurance race and built the lights for our racer. They were one of the top 4 lighting setups out on the track. So I kind of have an idea of what lights can do if setup right. I’m new to the European cut of the bezels where it cuts the top half of the beam/light off on my bike . Though I’ve had lights like that in a few cars and they worked good.

So how’s the best way to adjust these lights to get the beams where I want without blinding oncoming traffic? TIA for any help.

I am told there are crappy bulbs which work but don’t do what it says on the packet

The bulbs are Hella H4 55w/100w.

Possibly a silly question, but was the twin setup sourced from a US delivery bike or imported? That’d still be ok from most countries, but if it was sourced from UK/Australia/New Zealnd, we all drive on the other side of the road from you, so the beams angle to the left instead of the right. Just a thought… Cheers

sounds to me as if the unit is upside down to throw the dip the other side so the lights are in the sky instead of on the road ? possibly ?

It is, I’m assuming a US light unit from 86. It still has a European cut to it because it cuts the top off. Though both sides of the beam angle upwards The unit is installed right side up. Very hard to mount it upside down. I have spaced the bottom out about another 1/16 or so. I’ve notice the low beam rise and the high beam is lower. (I have a wall marked with tape at the height I believe I need) I don’t understand that yet. It must have something to do with the focal point of the bezel. I’m going to experiment with adjusting the buckets this weekend. I want to see if I can actually can control the beam now where I want it.

What is the 4 digit number in the centre of the lens towards the bottom?
This will tell where the lens came from.

The number is 001-4937. Says Japan. Didn’t know There were numbers to be had from Honda about that. It makes since to do so.

What I ended up doing for now is this: I turned the right light up so the low beam is where I want it. This throws the high beam a tad above the road. I also turn it in-towards the center of my lane

Then I adjusted the left light so the high beam is where I want it which throws the low beam below my distance liking. I also turned it in-towards the middle of the road, left side of my lane.

This set up when on low beam not only reaches out where I want but also fills in the road before that. On high beam I can see way way down the road and mostly in between. Also by turning both lights towards the center throws each beam to the opposite side of the road kind of. Which lights the corners when heeled over. Similar to the way I had our race bikes lights set.

So far it seams to work pretty good. I think I can fine tune them a little more. I just need dark nights on dark roads with curves in them. Oh I live in the suburbs with street lights everywhere.

I just can’t figure out the big separation between the low/high beams from each other. The only thing I can think of is they don’t want the low beams as high as I have them. So far I haven’t got any bright light reaction from other drivers. They don’t even look like they are squinting as I pass, the ones I can kind of see their faces.

I thought the majority of the Euro bikes had the dual lights.? Your’s cut different?

There are 3 lenses I know of (have 1 or more of each in my headlight box);
US headlight 4937 (this is your lens)
Euro Headlight 4678
Aussie/UK headlight 4739

The first two lenses are for people driving on the wrong side of the road. Only the 4739 lens is for the correct side of the road.