Help with ebay UK

Hello, again
I thaught that forum has closed permanently, but luckily not.
Spring will arrive here soon too, although we still have half metre of snow in the garden, and night temperatures are below -15 C. BolD’or is now equipped with Hagons back and front, and I hardly can wait to test it…
That’s for news, and now to business: There is a brake light kit for a Givi topcase in ebay UK, and the seller posts only to UK. Anybody willing to help with this issue, I can paypal money, or send in an envelope or something…
Another thing: I re-produced air filter decals for my VF750S, and have two pairs of them left, so if anybody in need of those, send a message, and I will mail them. Free for forum members.

What is the ebay item number for the light kit. I might be able to help.

EY oop Scratcher…and hello Dnapekko…e-mail me ya addy and item and I’ll sort it for you unless Scratcher has done…

My e-mail address


Thanks for both, item number is 300302622151, and the seller is in Wigton, Cumbria. I think, that price could be like 20-25 pounds max. My job email is

And the air filter decals are for -82 VF750S.

Scratcher: I might be interested in the right silencer, does it have HMMB6 stamped in it ? My right silencer got marks during first week after assembly: bike fell down on right side, when parked.