Hi all.

Been awhile now since I’ve been around due to work commitments and travel for work, so I thought I’d link you to some of my photo’s taken of my VF’s. A couple of vid clips as well with them on the race tracks as well. [:D]


Haven’t heard much from TinyTim lately hope all alright and you bikes going strong. [:)]

That bike of yours makes a sweet noise mate., a real growl!! What sort of pipes/jetting are you running?

Hi scratcher,
Yep it’s got a good note all right & bloody loud when your trying to sneak around town…LOL.
There a set of 4 into 2s and I don’t know what brand they are but they are quite large diameter pipes from the motor right through. Have a set of “Jama” 4 into 1s off an VF1000R and there no where near as big in the tubes. The mufflers (Silencers) are Lazer’s and are straight through as well.
Carburetors are running 120 mains jets in the front and in the rear two. The deep throaty growl could be from the massive port job the heads have had by a previous owner when it was a race motor in an VF1000R frame. As it is an “R” motor.

Hi All,

Just upgraded from phanfare to Photobucket. I have a lot of VF1000 stuff on there with rides, rebuilds and vid clips.

Be sure to check it out.