Hi from sunny torbay uk

hello there peeps just bought a 1985 vf1000 f in red bel dor written on side non running at moment but i hope to have it going onece i have changed all the fluids and checked for spark etc
anyone else got red bel dor and any advice i have been told that the frames rot easily
cheers in advance and greetings

Hi rusty, welcome to the group, I have a red boldor, it’s the first I have heard about rusty frames, there is an area near the foot pegs where water can get trapped in the frame and rust from the inside out, but really it’s not a common thing and poses no real issue, good luck with getting it running

20190917_183301 20190917_183247 20190917_183237this was off the road for 20 years and in terrible shape.only 21k on it though so I knew I had a chance to resurrect her


This was off the road for 20 years but only 21k on her so I knew I had a chance.bits from Germany.cmsl david silver e bay etc now runs like new! Enjoy your project

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thanks for info
i had gel battery delivered fitted cranked it loads before turning on run switch get oil around top end
turned on run fired up straight away i was jumping around happy as larry
no knocks or noise alot of smoke lol cus that all wd40 i sprayed on everything lol
iv been working on front end today never done fork seals so its all knew i have the workshop manual so following this but i have mate thats said cling film n butter to get seals over the top section and slide down
but im a bit worriedabout how to replace oil forks oil and repressurise the forks after
can anyone help ? nowt in workshop manual about filling air back
as i took them out one of them let loads of air out of hole when i twisted it out of clamps and other didnt
im ok with most stuff on bikes but never done this forks are off bikeseals are in post
cheers in advance peeps
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