Hi guys, let me introduce myself

Stijn here, from Utrecht Holland. Just joined the vf1000 forum. Bought a vf1000f2 a couple of years ago and never stopped working on it. But I think I’m almost done. Here’ s the result. Let me know what you think20190809_180720

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Welcome stijn the bike is looking really good! Some very nice modifications. Please post some more pictures and a list of the changes you have made and keep up the good work.


Welcome to the forum stijn, your bike looks great, what make are the panniers?

Hi, they are from Hepco & Becker
I made some changes to the frame to make them fit the Honda and fit them in the right angle

Hi Garyb,

  • cut the subframe and made it a bit higher
  • cut and customized the fairing with epoxy
  • mounted a vfr tank
  • made a custom seat plate and cowl, had the saddle made bij Silver Machine Amsterdam
  • fitted progressive fork springs
  • lowered the front end
  • powder coated the wheels
    and replaced the bearings
  • fitted a dyno jet kit
  • new alu clip ons
  • fitted fork braces and steering damper
  • changed the original exhaust left tot right and vice versa, welded the mounts, had them powder coated

20171117_164817|690x388 20180106_095553 20171123_143914 20171110_162808 20180222_115144 20180822_205512


Stijn it looks fantastic you should be very proud. Over winter I plan to customise a vf using an rc30 seat and vfr750 swing arm and wheel in the back and cbr600 front wheel I hope it will look as good as yours. The tank and seat look really good and have given me some ideas for mine, thanks.


I have seen pictures of this bike on the net before. Good job! I did not like the look of the F2 model until I have seen your work.

I plan to make a similar modification to the rear end. I will make it just a tad longer :slight_smile:

How did you manage to lower the front end? Just with that spring kit?

Thanks for the compliments! Looking forward to the pictures of your project!

Hi Pablo,

I wanted to stay close to the original. But give it a good facelift.

The spring kit just made it firmer and more stable. I lowered the bike a couple of centimeters on te forks. It corners really easy now. If you want I’ll send you some pictures.

Welcome Stijn.
Love what you’ve done, very muscular!


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I would gladly see the details of the lowered front forks you did. That is good idea. Also where did you get the spring kit? Jamie Dougherty?

In order to service the bike you take the whole rear end I presume? I see the bolts in some pictures and some have them deleted. I would like to hear your experience with this setup.

Here are some more pictures

The rear end is now bolted on with 4 bolts. The side panels are joined together in one peace.

The springs are from Wilbers by the way


Wow, impressive!
This would have to be the neatest, most “integrated” custom build VF I have seen in a long while. The great thing is, you have retained the character of the VF, but built a classy custom which still retains echoes of the era- well done Stijn.


That’s a big compliment. Thanks!

Hi Stijn
I belong to the CB1100 R owners group and I have quite a few friends and R owners from The Netherlands.
I am also rebuilding an 85 VF1000F but recently going has been a bit slow. My VF has black Comstar wheels but my R has gold one that are pretty tired looking. In fact, I have bought a pair of silver finished Comstars that I am planning to get powder coated gold. Are your wheels original in gold or have they been sprayed? If they have how did you get that nice result?