Hi Guy's new to the forum

Help and advice needed. Just got a VF1000f and it’s beyond me technically. The Bike has been standing for the last 8 years with a genuine 22k on it, (I’ve known the last two owners, who had the bike for the past 20 years).
Any tips or advice on what to look out for, as I’m only used to 1970s air cooled, so this is a new ball game for me.

Hi and welcome to the mad house. First thing i would do is fit battery and crank engine till oil light goes out,pour oil down plug holes and crank again after that check for spark,fuel and fuel pump running then try and start.would bet that carbs need a good clean if nothing else.Brakes seize with lack of use.This is only my humble opinion and others may disagree.


Having done this only 9 months ago with my vf1000fe

1 if it turns over OK then its not seized
2 drain the old fuel as its now had it and clean the fuel pump lines and make sure its got a new £5.00 filter off ebay.
3 drain the carbs to see if they have rust inside by undoing the screw under the float bowls one at a time. you may have to remove the carbs later ( I have already done that and fitted 4 new rubbers as you only want them off once.
4 once its started let it warm up then change the oil filter and oil.
5 check Tyre pressures 36/42psi
6 go for a spin your in for a shock

the rest is easy
If you get stuck PM Me and I will try to help