Highest Miler??

Out of curiosity, does anybody out there have a VF that has been round the block many times, not a restoration, or hardly used, but one that is well used, care worn, seen many sights, toured Europe, Asia, australasia, The Americas or maybe the Eastern block, one that looks an old nail but deserves a pat on the tank???[8D]


What about our Finnish friend on the Bol. I seem to remember he`d done a fair few miles ?

How does 91,000kms on the ‘HO’ sound? its not around the clock but getting close. and she has seen some sights as well as the side of a cow close up. still goig strong tho.

Paul, you`re challenging strongly for a place on the podium [:D]

give me another 12 months, will try to clock it, and keep away from cows. [:D]

Hey Paul, I have a cow you wouldn’t want to hit!! He (technically an oxen) would weigh in at around 850 kgs, kind of like hitting a parked Corolla!!

mines on 43500 miles (approx 70k kilometers) had 2 major rebuilds in last 20+ years while ive owned it, and i dont think i was the first person to open the motor up…

paul that cow was obviously dyslexic, it saw the HO coming and thought it said MOO… its a good job it wasnt feeling horny lol [:D]

Seeing Petes last input saying hes owned his VF for 20 years got me wondering not only whos done the most miles but whos owned their current machine the longest. 20 years must be tops surely?

Martin ( only 8 months for me )

Originally posted by Marmite

What about our Finnish friend on the Bol. I seem to remember he`d done a fair few miles ?

Maybe not what was searched: it has now 113000 km in the odometer, but I restored it quite well when it had 80.000 km, and assembled an overhauled R-engine when it had 95.000 km. No problems with original engine, but I got the R-powerplant cheaply, and considered the job as massive cam chain service :) More kilometres to come next summer: the plan is to take the Bol to wet my toes in the Black sea. But all rewards are welcome and appreciated

I purchased my 1985 FF brand new in Feb 86 and still have it so 27 years has got to be a record unless someone has had their FE since new

Well done to JD and Pekka.
Pete, i feel VERY lucky it wasn’t ‘horny’, but it was a very moooving experiance for sure. The ‘HO’ is red, maybe it got confused.

JD 52 has got me by a couple of months. I bought my FF in May 1986. Now done around 180,000km.

kiwi… i think thats got to be the record mileage, going on my average yearly mileage i think i will need to be still riding the vf when im 108 years old. (will prob need some stableisers fitting by then [:D])

Now the Bol took me to Estonia and Russia, and even back. Great tourer :slight_smile: