holy radiator

just like to say a big hello to everyone that is still posting on here, i decided to get the vf out and get it started today,i had removed the battery last winter, and kept just topping it up with charge every month or so,
so anyways,on with the battery, choke on full, press the start button, and unbelievably after abount 5 seconds it spluttered into life… thats where my luck changes, after about 4/5 mins ticking over i noticed water dripping from the top radiator. does anyone know if this can be fixed, or if new radiators are still available. ?

all advice greatfully received.

I think you will have to go used or repair. CMS and David Silver have not got one.

Seems you are suffering from rust
the simplest answer is get another off ebay like I did when rebuilding my vf1000fe.
there is another way like in Norwich Marston Radiators can sometimes refurbish but looking at yours its showing signs of rust inside as well probably to much water and not enough coolant inhibitor 50/50 mix.

I ask around and get back to this thread

top radiator as of today on ebay.co.uk

item number 120674628001

Hi Pete, not heard from you for a while, you could try Wakefield Radiator Services, Unit 13, Waldorf Way, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF2 8DH. not too far from you, I had my lower rad done last year and they did a good job, cost was around £75-80

hi everyone, thanks for the info, ive had a look at that radiator on ebay, but it looks like its a bottom one to me,but i assume top ones come up from time to time though,
on further inspection of mine, ive had my finger in the inlet and outlet stubs and apart from the area where it has “holed” it all feels smooth with no pitting or corrosion, so i think i will see if i can get it repaired, and as phil suggested wakefield radiators is fairly close by, so will try get in to see them sometime next week.

thanks again.

P.S… having re-looked at the radiator on windysolar mensioned earlier on ebay, it is a top radiator, but looks different to mine.

The rad on Ebay is a BolDor lower but I am sure we have an FE upper in the store.I will get a look by the weekend if it is of any help.Regards BIF

hi bif, yeah it would be a help if you have one in stock, i’m also in need of the retaining clip and bolt which holds the front brake pad pins in possition,


Found it and its in fairly good condition,I also have the clip and bolt you require.Email me bif@vf1000.com if you want them and we can sort price and payment method out.Regards BIF

yep, definatly interested in top rad and brake pin retaining clip and bolt, have sent email…having a few internet probs at moment let me know if you havent received my mail.