Honda VF 1000 Carb install

My question is since Carbs are now bolted to Plenum. I bought new Boots.Do you have
to instal Boots to Carbs first .Or install Boots to Cylinders then install Carbs to Boots,.?

I always put front boots fully on engine and rear just resting on manifolds tilted upwards then put front two carbs fully into boots and have rear two sat onto upturned boots then when you push downwards it pushes rear carbs into boots and boots onto manifolds at the same time.

So do you put clamps on bottom of Boots before or after then,?

Before or you can’t get them on easily. Don’t tighten them and make sure the screw faces outwards, it’s a difficult enough job without having to do it twice due to the clips or not connecting both throttle cables before installing. A bit of Wash up liquid or oil coating the inside of boots and the carb were it enters the boot.

So do you tighten carbs to plenum .Or leave them a little bit loose until they go into the Boots,.?

Tighten them to plenum or all those pesky springs fall out!