Honda VF 1000 R 1986

Hi, I’m looking at purchasing a '86 VF1000R and was hoping that some of you may be able to tell me what to watch out for. I’ve never had a bike with a cam gear drive. Do they play up or wear poorly and if it goes ping will it lunch the engine.

Hi, here’s the link to the advert as I was thinking that even though it’s a '86 model here is might be a '85 elsewhere so just need to check that if anyone gives me any info it’s for the correct model.

Paintwork would suggest its an 85 model,in the UK 86s were in Rothmans livery.Bike looks well for the asking price,the equivelent of £1850.Miles are not too high either,so as long as it looks as good in the flesh with no rattles or smoke I would think its a bit of a bargain.Regards BIF

Fairly sure chassis no’s on '85 bikes start SC16-21***** and on '86 bikes SC16-22***** except '86 French models which were SC20-21*****

There were some 86 bikes kicking round in the older colours as they weren’t the quickest of selling bikes in that era!
Doesn’t really make much difference as the 85 and the 86 are pretty much the same, it was the earlier 84 bike that was a bit different.
As BIF says looks a bargain to be fair.