Honda Vf 1000 rg...

Hello gang…Im new to this forum,

I just bought a Honda VF 1000rg 1986 or 7, a “Castrol Honda”…
Im having a bit of a difficult time finding more about this bike, I know its pretty rare, (number 40 off the production line)

Can any of you guys point me in the right direction to find some more info on the RG bike ?

thanks… and cheers from Iceland

hi gulag,
sorry i can’t help with any info for the bike, but its a great looking bike though.

I’ll have a close look at the Honda production records this week-end but so far I’m helpless altough I actualy own a VF1000RG beside my VF1000RE… What’s your bike’s serial number?

Serial#: SC162200040

This is what it says in the vehicle registry… gonna check tonight on the bike itself…

thanks !!!