Honda vf meet up

Hi all you vf owners how many of you would like to meet up for ride out April 2015 , it would be great to see as many vf 1000 all together in one place

hi mark,
yeah i would be interested in meeting up for a ride out depending on when it is in April, im not sure weather you have seen any of the posts in the “events and meets” section, but we are trying to arrange a stand for the carol Nash Stafford show in April, and are also planning a trip over to Dijon in france some time in may/june.
Later in the year we normally have a weekend around the Derbyshire Matlock area…
I’m always happy to attend any meets, gives me a good excuse to get the vf out, and after all, actually going somewhere is far better than riding around in circles… i’m based in the Yorkshire area, where about’s are you based.

Hi I am in Bromsgrove so Matlock sounds like a good place for us to meet , if April is crap we can sort it for May , I hope a good few of the vf owners can make it as well

I’m well oop North but am happy to head down country to meet up.
As Pete has said chances are we will have a stand at Stafford in April,the usual meet in July almost always lands on my holiday fortnight which is fixed so I miss out.
Any weekend in May apart from the first bank holiday is possible,and I’m happy to ride to anywhere to meet.
Regards Bif
PS have you just bought or tried to sell your BolDor?

Hi it was up for sale as I cut my thumb off my right hand , docs wanted to do more ops on it I said no , I want to keep my bike and ride again mate , I have got a stump of a thumb left so all good really could of been my hole hand gone , can’t wait to ride again

There is a period in the summer when there is no MotoGP, no WSBK, no TT etc and the weather will be kinder, can you plan around this time?


N Essex, happy to travel

Hi I am sure we can the more we get the better

I’m happy to do anytime, the only weekends that i have committed to for next year are all vf1000 events,

25th to 26th april… Stafford show,

29th may to 1st june, Dijon, france, to meet up with fred and the v480h club.

there will be at least 3 or more UK vf’s attending both these events.

our normal vf meet is normally flexible around July/august time