Honda vf1000f help

Let me start this post off with saying im new to the world of motorcycles, dont know too much about them. 3 honda vf1000f in varying conditions have recently landed in my lap ( for close to free ) so now that i have them im trying to get them running and looking good. Ill only be talking about one of the bikes today. So with that all out of the way lets get into it. Went to go start the bike for the first time in who knows how many years. It started, but it was dumping fuel everywhere. So i took off most of the plastics, the seat and the fuel tank. Was thinking about taking the carbs off because the fuel seemed to be coming from them. Before i did that i decided to attach a tube with a coke bottle on the end of the fuel line and fill it with fuel. So i started the bike again and behold no fuel coming out of anywhere. So i decide to put the tank back on and start it again. Fuel was not coming out nearly at the rate it was before (it was just a small drip at this point). The fuel seems to be coming from this circular thing behind the battery with a mitsubishi logo on it (will attach a picture if i can). So i would really appreciate any input on what that part is and how i may be able to fix it. One last thing, the key on all 3 bikes seems to be stuck in the ignition. Is there a trick to removing them or are they just stuck. Once again any help would be much appreciated!

That thing with the Mitsubishi logo on it is the fuel pump. It’s usually a case of repair by replacement if it’s leaking.

As far as the key is concerned, it will only come out in the off, park or lock position. To get it into the lock position the bars have to be all the way to the left, then turn the key to off, push it down into the lock against the spring and simultaneously turn it to the lock position. The key should now come out.

Thanks Chris, will probably end up using one of the bikes for parts. So ill pull the fuel pump off of one of them tomorrow and replace it. As far as the key i will definitely give it a try tomorrow. The keys were in the ignition for who knows how many years as the bikes were in storage. Hopefully theyre not rusted in there. Also i would love to establish a more direct line of contact. Maybe a instagram or something, have some questions about the cooling system and id like to send ya some pictures. Thanks again

I have no problem with you contacting me directly via a PM.

I would suggest, though, that this group contains far more knowledgeable and experienced people than me within its participants, so you’d be better off posting your questions on the main site to hit a wider audience.

As for your key issue, if they’re stuck in the lock, spray liberal amounts of WD40 into it. If that doesn’t free them a good locksmith will be able to get them out.

Good luck with your projects. These bikes are something else.