Honda vf1000f2 auxiliary radiator

I am back after killing my 1983 f1 with an 1987 f2.

Bike runs great however it is missing the auxiliary radiator. At 27c degrees it runs good (temp gauge is showing half in traffic) and I am wondering what is your expierience with setup like this.

I want to buy one but cannot find anything for sale at the moment and I want to make sure the bike will not be destroyed like the previous one (oil boiled)

IMG_20190604_213008 IMG_20190604_213019 IMG_20190604_213152 IMG_20190604_213426

Hi Pablo,
if this bike is an F2, and it looks like it with oil cooler lines, then there should be a top radiator inside the helmet. I cant make out details of hoses if they run up to headlight area. If you haven't got the second radiator I wouldnt be taking the chance of riding it- not worth the risk of overheating the motor!
You ought to be able to find one on ebay somewhere? Good Luck!

I bought one already, but bike runs cool anyways.

I will post more photos after I resize them


I already bought proper tires for the bike, previous owner put 120 on the front which made a hole in the front fender xD