Honda VF1000F2 Bol D'or parts for sale

Hi all,

Unfortunately I am offering my Honda VF1000F2 Bol d’Or from 1986 in parts. Last week the distribution chain gave way and declared my bike deceased.

So every part is available, except the rear spring and fairing storage cabinets.

If any information is required PM me please.

Parts are located in the Netherlands.
IMG_0960 IMG_0965

Have you got a starter gear between the starter motor and starter clutch for sale mine has broken teeth now off the road for the first time in 20 years

Hi Tom,

Could you make a picture of the part you are looking for? I’m not sure what you mean.

20210208_150023 this is the part i need if you have i can pay on paypal thanks tom

Hi did you get my photo tom

Hi Tom,

Yes! It looks like the idler gear, is that correct? I have to look in the parts tonight

Is the front cowl in good condition i would be very interested inn that
Ps could pay by pay pal or similar

Hi Tom, I’d take the mirrors and right engine casing if they’re in good condition?
Possibly exhausts as well?


Hi Nigel,

Unfortunately, the front cowl has already been sold.

Hi Matt,

Mirrors are already gone. Engine casing and exhausts are still there if I’m correct, will check tonight

Hi Tom,

The gear should still be in there, but I didn’t have time yet to open it up and see if this is the exact one you need. I’ll come back to you

Great news it is the starter idler gear

Just seen this. Thanks Tom

Hi Tom,

Is this the one you need?image

Hi Matt hereby some pictures of the exhausts, i can weld the little hole in it for you:
image image

Yes how do i buy it

Thanks again for sending pics. Think mine are a little cleaner but appreciate you checking

Hi do you have the standard starter motor available? Thanks

Unfortunately the starter motor has already been sold.

Hi! I would like the rear cowl fairing if still available? Mine are falling apart in pieces.

Anders Indregard