Honda VF1000F2 conversion into F1

I have begun to convert my F2 into F1 look a like because I have always prefered the look. I will document my work here and also I am open to suggestions how to proceed.

What I have come up with so far

  • I need to cut of the brackets on the side of the frame to fit the narrower fairing
  • I need to move the top radiator to the left in order to clear the radiator hose near the faring
  • All the plugs in electrical harness look the same,
  • Faring frame almost fits without modification

Left side F1 fairng frame mount (I was able to bend it and use orignal hole)

Right side F1 fairng frame mount. Looks like I need to dril here.

These side mounts need to be cut off

I will mount the oil cooler in this place using longer bolts

The work continues. Guess what, the frame is different on the F2 model! It is not a bolt on conversion.

Looks the same, doesn’t it?

The mount for the handles is different. If you will bolt down the handles the whole tail section will not line up. I think I will just weld some F1 handles so they clear the tail section properly.

Also the wiring harness is much thicker, needs to be modified somehow.

Even the bulb housings are different.

Rear inner fender is longer on the F1 and has a hole for a nut and bolt.

And if you want to use stock placement of the fuse box you need to change the yoke.

The work continues. There is so much more that meets the eye

I started work on the electrical harness

  • horns need to be moved on top of the headlight and harness extended
  • headlight harness needs to be extended
  • gauge cluster plugs need to be modified as pictured
  • license plate light needs to be powered off the tail light

Gauge Cluster plug comparison

One of the plugs on the F2 is missing a wire, needs to be added to the existing plug

Radiator modification, needs to be move the clear the fairng.

I decided to refresh the faring frame a little

Oil cooler can be a little higher

Slowly but surely

Hi Pablo,
Great work! I’m thinking of converting an 85 FF to the FE bodywork also. I’m currently running a F2 oil cooler just below the bottom radiator but the front guard runs on it when forks compress. I’ll post pics when I have time. Interested to see if you can overcome this problem?

I am running complete F2 cooling system together with the stock oil cooler location. Middle F2 radiator is noticebly shorter and top is obviously missing giving me more space to fit the oil cooler below the fairing.

The plow will not clear the bottom radiator, not even close. Maybe I will just cut out the middle part completely and use the sides to cover sides the radiator.

Let’s start with the rear end. I believe that the rear section is different to allow for more of wheel movement.

Here we have F1 rear handles/seat mount height

Here we have the F2 frame measured

You can clearly see the difference in height

The seat sits flush on the mount, handlebars fit so for now I will just live with that non perfect alignment of the tail

Also battery tray in the F1 has a space to clip in the faring bracket

F2 radiator hose was in the way of the faring so I had to replace it with a different one

Oil cooler mounted

And quick picture of the bike as it sits now. Whole bodywork needs to be painted but for this season it will be enough for me to enjoy.


Nice work Pablo,I think the oil cooler mounting is one of the best solutions I have seen so far,the only thing I would change is swapping an FE suspension linkage and swing arm for the F2 items to shorten the wheelbase and raise the rear end

Why would you consider shorter wheelbase? I thought that f2 suspension setup is superior.

I have aftermarket rear shock, the rear is low enough. I am considering lowering the front or even installing 16inch front wheel with f1 front end with 42mm shocks that I have

Shorter wheelbase and the rear higher improves turn in on bends especially when going from a right to a left.
It’s only what I would do,everyone is different

As far as I know F2 has suspension setup very similar to the R. I have two bikes, I will build the other one with shorter wheelbase and front 16’ wheel for comparison purposes.

The rear wheel location looks pretty good.

You can clearly see the rear end does not line up. I need to either chop up the frame or the plastic fender to make it fit properly. I also need to reinforce the handlebars as most of the F1 handles are bend from putting the bike on the center stand