honda vf1000ff HELP

After running the bike, the engine wont restart when hot. Battery seems fine, headlights and indicators all work, but engine just wont turn over.Have removed starter and tested outside off bike, and it was spinning. If I put a starter pack/jump leads onto battery when engine is hot, then it will turn over and start. But if I wait till engine is cool, then the bike turns over and starts.I can hear the solenoid clicking dont know if this is the fault.

I cant understand how the engine turns over when cold and starts, but yet when hot it wont turn over.

Recently had new timing chain, voltage rectifier as I thought the battery wasnt being charged. totally baffled.

any help would be great

colin patterson

Hi Colin,I take it you got the rectifier alright ?
As I think I said to you before these problems are often quite complicated !! ( I hate electricity !! – you can’t see it !! )
If the engine turns over cold but not hot it sounds like battery to me ( or a poor earth … which amounts to much the same thing )…I’ve got a combine which does exactly the same thing and it’s caused by the battery plates warping ,on my combine this is exaggerated because it’s a big V6 Merc engine and it’s always hot weather anyway when you use a combine and the batteries are mounted close to heat source !!
Can’t ever be sure about these things but sounds to me like battery, get it properly test under load if I were you.
Good luck … YOU’LL NEED IT

VF1000FE & ZX7R

Hi Colin,
Have you tried stripping the starter down and cleaning any loose carbon from the brush end of the motor?
I had a similar problem on a mates VF and my CBX and this cured the problem on both bikes.
Its easy to try and only costs your time
regards BIF

Hi Collin ,I had “exact” same problem very frustrating for one year ,problem was lose earth screw on copper tail of starter carbon brush ,power went through spring and cooked it ,replace both springs and clean and detail earth wireing .