How do you post pictures

Hi everyone I am new to this site and I have been trying to upload some pictures and I can’t figure out how to do it. If any one knows how to do this can you please explain it to me.

UPDATE 2018!

With the new forum software (discourse) simply drag and drop your images into the post to upload them. If the image is on another server - just paste the image url!

The pictures you see in a forum post are not exactly uploaded, they are “linked to” and already need to be hosted somewhere i.e. a hosting site such as photo bucket or your own web hosting etc. To display a photo in your forum post you need to copy the link to the picture from the hosting site, you can usually get this by browsing to the picture you want to post and right clicking the image and selecting copy link or copy URL. In your forum post write your post and where you want the photo to appear click the “insert image” button and between the two generated image tags paste the link to your photos - (img)(/img)

e.g. here is a pic hosted at

I click the insert image link and paste the link to the image between the IMG tags :


I also want it centered so I select the whole link and then click the centered text button which gives me this :

Note that I had to use curly brackets to display the example, in your post the brackets will be square! Pictures that are posted here will also get copied across to the main site gallery if they are super cool, or you can email them to teambif at vf1000 dot com. Make sure your pictures are not too big, between 800x600 and 1200x800 is ideal for the forum.

Hope this helps.


What size images are best for this site to display

please can you elaborate


I would recommend no bigger than 1200X800.

seems like photo bucket have withdrawn free web photo hosting, which is a bit of a downer for me as ive probably got a few hundred pics on here, what other hosting sites are people using, or is there any other way how to put pics up on here,

it still works as on sunday :slight_smile:

hi windy,
yes photobucket is still operating as a photo storage site for free, but has changed its terms and conditions, it no longer offers free web hosting (linking your photos to a forum by using the insert image button), which is how my photo’s are displayed on this site, photo bucket now says i must upgrade to a subscription service which costs $400 a year if i want to continue linking my photo’s to here.
If you look at any of my posting, all of my photo’s have been replaced with a link
but i have noticed that everyone elses pics are still visible, so, is there another way to show your pics on here, it cant be just me that photobucket is targeting, the internet is full of people complaining of the same issue

just created an account on IMGER
simple to use
first download all your albums from photobucket
then upload them into a new album

this will not replace the embedded photos but now you can forget photo bucket
see how this goes 8)

use the BBCode (Forums) and it will work
my max in america
just paste it in the text no insert image needed

pick large thumbnail so it will display or you will not understand why nothing apperas like me 8)

many thanks windy,

i will look into that.

shame on photobucket, they destroyed this and al my other forum posts on other fora, , and many many thousands of other bloggers and people who share their technical knowledge illustrated with pictures, , they ask 400$ to let us share pictures. i will try an other solution,
i have been posting and reading more than 15 years all over the internet to the shovelhead forum, to fzr forum , xs forum, v8 buick forum, gardening forum, etc etc etc all lost.
i hope someone find a solution to repair the links but i am afraid only photobucket can do this. the bastards.
they really destroyed a huge database .
imagine that you tube blocked all the video’s and asks money to watch them, its the same crime

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