how many Bol D'ors down under?

I’m sure this question has been raised in the distant past. I’m curious. Just how many Bol D’ors, running and registered, remain in Australia and New Zealand? Apart from my own I have not seen another (roadworthy) in well over a decade. I checked the stats at this website- 458 units were imported between April 1985 and May 1986. I own two of them (one on the road, the other is for parts). My local motorcycle wrecker must have the body parts (all cracked and damaged) from at least 4 separate bikes. So that leaves 452 unaccounted for. Keen to hear from owners what remains of this very underrated bike.

I just got the sump off an F2 motor from A wrecker in Canberra for my 85 FF, there’s another F2 owner from ACT on this forum.