How many color combinationsare there out there

I own a 1984 VF1000FE and I have not seen one in my colours on the web after two weeks looking.

Red top tank with Honda Wing badge,
Blue line round tank,
White bottom half of tank.

seems rare

And I found the correct side panels but one fixing lug is not in the right place on both panels.

Hi, from your description it sounds more like the vf1000r tank than the vf1000fe. The vf1ooofe was produced in 3 colour , red with black, white with blue/red and black with grey.

Can you post some pictures. It could possibly be a vf1000re dressed in vf1000f clothes.

yes its a puzzle it is
I will try to load up a picture of it from ebay tonight


I really like the color scheme

Here is a picture of the machine before I started to discover the previous owners contempt for a beautiful bike.

The fairing on the vf1000fe clips to the front end of the tank. Yours clearly does not.
I think yours has been fitted with vf750f fairing and tank etc.
Check your engine and frame numbers to verify originality.
This also explains why your side panel does not fit.
Check out some vf750f pictures and you will see what I mean.

Like the colours!

I see what you mean

I just went to check the Vin number and the frame and the cc of the engine and they all match the log book Phew
After the ebay auction I picked up the bike in mt Mk6 transit from Ipswich but was so surprised at getting the bike I checked the log book but failed to check the numbers.He was definatly genuine in my book and I like to think I can spot a con man these days,but when I just gave him £270 cash I was still in shock.
The engine started with no problems and would idle when cold and no knocking sweet (City and gilds trained mechanic when younger )


The fairing, clocks, tank, mirrors, belly pan and radiator layout(you can see the hose feeding the smaller one in the bellypan)are all 750 parts. The forks can be checked as the 750 ones have thinnner stanchions(39mm as opposed to the 1000s’ 41mm) and the engine has the figure 998cc cast in the side of the left rear cylinder on the 1000s’.

I checked the engine number and it is the same as the log book
And the frame number is correct so its a 1000 frame and engine and it says 998cc on the engine casing,
so the tank could be off a 750 and mirrors
I am now sure the forks are correct also.

updated photo of my rise of the phoenix vf1000fe 1984</font id=“blue”></font id=“green”>

Hi, looks like you’ve been busy collecting the parts for the front end rebuild etc. Looks like you are nearly there.

Just been looking at some of your other photos and noticed that the front cylinder rocker cover doesn’t look correct (ribs along top). Is this another one of those 750 parts?

Anybody got a list of interchangeable engine parts between 750 and 1000.


After looking at loads of vf1000fe,S I am certain that the rocker is correct
Motor is correct not been modded.

Have got pictures fro net and it now looks correct 99.9%


Hi Lloyd, take a look at Planty’s VF1000F Strip & Rebuild and you will see what I mean about the Vf1000fe rocker cover.

My own vf1000fe has no ribs on the cover either, I bought this new in April 1984 and still have it although it needs a little work doing. Plan on refurbishing the frame after I’ve completed my vf1000f2 rebuild.


close up of head and yes it has ribs does that come with chips and a drink?

Have a look at any part numbers you can see on the bike, anything with RC15 or MB2 is definitely VF750. VF1000FE should be SC15 or MB4 (or maybe MB6???)


what I really need is a picture of a 750 cover to compare it with,will not be removing it any time soon just to get the number.
I will keep looking on the internet for a picture.

Found this one

The Clymer manual also has a heap of pictures of VF1000 & VF750 engine parts/covers

Hi, looking at the link Planty found it does look like a 750 cover. Does your rear rocker cover also have the ribs.

Can you get any history on the bike from the previous owner.
Maybe they could shed some light on why it has these covers fitted.

The wife say’s I’ve got to lay off the ‘chips’ but the drink sounds good.


Here are PDFs of the parts catalogs for the '83 VF750 and the '84 and VF1000. And to contradict my last post the VF750 parts are MB0???


You can see the details of the head covers


the ribs on the side bits are the same but the channel in the centre is missing from my cover.

Maybe its from a 83 motor that was like the 750 for that year only.
then in 84 they cast them flat, Honda do things like that to save costs making it cheaper


just to throw the Cat among the Pigeons
This picture shows two seals on the cover ,so its made of two parts as well.
Maybe a prototype from Honda when the cams fiasco happened