How rare is your bike?

According to figures from the department for transport there are less than 500 VF1K’s registered in the UK [:0] - If you own an RG then we would really like to hear from you! I think from the people that have registered on this site that accounts for about 10 bikes. So far then we’ve accounted for 10% of the VF1000’s - where are all the other owners [:D]

Full details are posted at


Hi Bunny, is your RE in the UK?

The resource for everything TT is at here you can search the database for TT results. Unfortunately under the Honda marque there are no VF1000’s listed although you can view results of the late Geoff Johnsons win in 1985 on a bog standard VF1000F2 here :

The F2 - surely the unlikeliest bike to ever win the TT!

Joey Dunlop rode the predecessor to the VF1000, the RS1000RW at the TT in 1982 without much success but then won the world championship at the TT in 1983 on a V4 powered RS850.

According to Julian Ryders book Hondas V-Force :

there was a 1984 production TT VF1000RE but there is no mention of it in the Isle of Man TT database.



Thanks folks,
Yes my bike is a genuine UK RE. I have Julians book and have been trying with no luck to contact him or Kel Edge the photographer. IOM TT website did not come up with anything conclusive, but I did manage to get a reply from some photographer who said he might be able to help. just got to play the waiting game …thanks guys for your help

I’ve recently bought a FE , it was imported from France or Switzerland in 1998 and has done 37 k mls. I bought it with another broken ,almost complete, bike that must be a UK spec bike I think ( it had speedo in Mls ) as a “roadside” advertised bargain for £650 - not bad I think bearing in mind the receipt for £1000 worth of top end rebuild 900 mls ago that came with it !!!
I love it too.

hi there to all, only found this site today, been a member on the forum for a while now, ive had my vf1000rg for a couple of years now & its on the road not on a sorn
cheers trikedude

s´??Ti]Originally posted by PAJ[/i]

Hi Bunny, is your RE in the UK? …yes it is.

Bike has been verified as genuine, so is to be restored to its former glory, part now being sought, please see parts forum.

Thanks for the IOM links, it took 6 months but I now have photos of the bike in action… nice one.

thanks also to mr. SH of suffolk ( Kfrogzx7) who kindly donated a bucket load of Vf1000 F parts to the project…much appreciated…see his offerings in the parts forum… very nice chap.
regards Bunny