How's about a wee tour to Ireland?


No problem, can have a look.

I’m sure there’s wisdom to be had from the local forums for this kind of thing and guys coming over for road racing.



Yes,I can do that weekend, 10/11/12th?
Its the last weekend in April I don’t go anywhere, it’s the wife’s birthday, if i did go away that weekend then i doubt i’d see another…:thinking:


Due to factors beyond our control,I think it best to call the proposed Irish trip off for the time being.
The dates we have put us into NW200 practice week,and I see no fun fighting for accommodation and road space with the thousands of spectators the event draws.
Obviously some will be disappointed but I will do my best to pick some entertaining roads in Scotland by way of compensation.
The usual meeting point of Macdonalds Carlisle at 11.00 on Friday 10th May for the southern brethren will suffice.
I will be departing your company at silly o’clock Monday 13th as last year but your trusty guide (Johnboy) will see everyone safely to the border.
Remember this trip will be post Brexit so bring your passport just in case the Scottish government decides to declare independence!!!


Sounds good to me.


Will book the days off when i get to work tonight. Shame about Ireland but from a purely riding perspective you can’t beat Scotland. Let me know if you want any deposit for rooms etc and thanks for organising again bif, put me down for single rooms if available, thanks again.



Fine by me chaps, keep me posted.