How's about a wee tour to Ireland?


Just batting some ideas about,who would fancy a blast round the NW200 track?add the giants causeway,the rope bridge Joeys bar(plus any other bars on the way) Joeys memorial is a must visit as is Cushendun village.
This may give the regulars a chance to catch up with our Celtic cousins and gain some tips on drinking The black stuff
Answers on a postcard to …


Count me in bif.



That sounds like a fine idea.
I’ll certainly make my way north to join the fun.

We did an itinerary not far from that for a family jaunt two years ago and it was great.
Did a few Game of Thrones points of interest too.



What times the ferry :+1:


Yup I’m interested, when were you thinking Bif?


This would replace the normal Scottish bash while including a bit of Scotland most people miss.
So the first bank holiday in May would be favourite.
Ferry cost is £75 return on a non refundable basis.
If enough interest is shown I will do a bit of work on accommodation.
Regards Bif


Let me know if I can be of any assistance this end, happy to help.


I will be sure to take you up on that👌
Regards Bif


Yes Bif I’m up for this. :+1:


Looks like the boys are off to Ireland then.
If we stick with the first May bank holiday weekend that will give those travelling furthest plenty of time to get home on the Monday.
Lessons learned from the last trip re sleeping arrangements will be considered,so single as well as twin rooms will be looked at.
VF1000.COM decals will be produced for this trip so no one will be in any doubt as to who we are.
Regards Bif