Hulme End 2018


Hi all… Myself and Philjo will be doing our usual “back to nature” camping session, not because we’re tight Yorkshire men… Because we love camping… And it’s cheap… :smile: so we will probably be arriving at the campsite around midday on Friday…
The Saturday ride out will consist of, leaving the manifold Inn car park around 10.00 am and returning around 6.00 pm… The middle bits a bit sketchy at the moment lol… I’ll try and get something worked out and put it up on the myroute app doodar

Bif… I hope you’ve sent a special message to the manifold to order in another five sides of pork and an extra barrel of kronenberg… We don’t want a repeat of last year’s riots :laughing:


Reading this thread with great jealousy. Really sad to be missing the bash this year. Never mind hopefully next year will be doable for me. Have a blast lads and a few Kronenbourg for me :unamused::unamused::unamused:


So, for a relative newbie, what’s Hulme End and what’s happening there in 2018?


hi ascalan,
Hulme end is our end of season meet up, basically, a campsite for those who want to camp, or the pub which has accommodation for those who like there creature comforts, normally it consists of Friday night in the pub followed by a Saturday ride out, then Saturday evening beverages, then return home on sunday,

Saturdays ride out if every ones ok with it will be to the Ponderosa bikers café, wales. ive set the inward and return route up in the “myroute app” in the group section.

out bound journey

return journey


Thanks for the maps pete, im booked into the manifold inn on the sunday night as well if anybody fancies a ride on sunday.



Hi Gary.
Weather permitting I would be up for doing the Sunday. . Usually on the Sunday we would head for home down the M1/A1 to squires bikers cafe which is a good halfway point for those north of the border… (1.30mins according to sat nav…)
We could, if everyone agreed, go to squires the scenic route which would take in the snake pass, glossop, Penistone ect, we would probably need to jump on the M1 for about 5 miles to skirt around barnsley… according to my sat nav it would probably be about 2.10 hours ( I think it will be longer)
Then after refreshments the Scots could continue home and anyone doing the extra night could have a ride around the Sherburn area, then back to hulme end for another night of drinking…
Probably best to decide when we are there, the weather on that weekend can be a bit iffy to say the least…


Sounds like a good plan to me! Specially the extra night drinking.



That all sounds like a good bash.
I’ll have to see if I can make it over for a future run.



I have requested to join the myroute app group for the ponderosa run. Look forward to meeting you all on Friday.


Morning everyone,could one of the early arrivers at the Manifold inn book a table for dinner?
Safe trip Bif


Will do, how many are we expecting to make it?



I’m just setting off from Leeds!


had a great time at hulme end, thanks to everyone who turned up.
picture of the cause of misfire when it rained, have now replaced and also lowered the needles by one notch to make it run leaner, thanks to bif for letting me ride his bike so i could compare the performance, will try it out tonight on way to work to see if the low down power has improved. will post pic of bikes at horse shoe pass in wales when i work out how to lower the resolution as the forum said file was too big.



top of horse shoe pass in wales



Lowering the needles has made a big difference! The low rev pickup is much better though im on the top slot of the needle so would have to re jet if I wanted to go leaner but am much happier with performance now, another couple of trips away with the other VF owners and I might get all the problems sorted! Forks and a better front tyre next.



Great to meet Gary, Pete, Graham and Bif, good set of lads :+1: Good few drinkies on Friday and nice bimble over to Wales on Saturday. Absolute highlight for me was trying out Bif’s outrageous updated 1000R, what a ride, big grins all the way back. Looking forward to next trip, Bif did you mention Nurburgring next Easter? :thinking::grin:
…Or were you just pissed!!!



Hi Andy.
Was good to catch up with you and all the lads at hulme end, as usual, great company, good food and drink and a cracking ride out to Wales, with a splash of rain just to keep me on my toes lol… hopefully I’ll have my project R up and running for next year’s first trip…
On arriving home the slight misfire on the bol became worse and I’ve blown one of the fork seals… more work :rage:


Before you strip and change fork seal, try the milk bottle fork seal tip. Look on youtube. It may just be a bit of grit that can be shifted. I did this on my Tiger a couple of years ago no probs since. :+1:


I used this very trick myself recently when recommissioning the FF. Worked a treat.

BTW, I noticed a distinct lack of anything other than bike pics.

Was the scale of the debauchery such that all evidence had been removed? :wink:


What happens in Hulme End stays in Hulme End,it protects the innocent
Regards Bif