Hulme End 2018


I notice it was March 23rd last year Pete started this thread about the annual Hulme End weekend. I take it its still on again for this year on 24th / 26th August?
I think I’ll be taking advantage of the landlords rooms this time. Getting too bloody old for camping etc.

Anyone else up for this ?



hi martin,
yes as far as I know the Hulme end meet will be going ahead as usual, not sure if I am doing the camping or going for the luxury B&B option at the manifold inn.


Pete, make sure you dont get the room next to Grahams… I’m told he does a very good impression of a Harrier Jump Jet landing in your room as soon as his head hits the pillow. :smiley:



I’m up for it,and pretty sure Johnboy and Martin will join in too.
Graham is having a bit of a crisis of confidence at the moment,but if the Scottish trip goes well just may decide to hang on to the VF and join us at Hulme End
Regards Bif


hey marmite I take it u r perfict em I think not .do u like ure teeth.
yeh im a fat bastard and I stick to your camper van you never camped.
sorry everybody else as bill said I have had a few hard times as we all have.


Sorry Graham, I didnt intend insulting / upsetting you mate. It was my pathetic attempt at pulling your leg. Hope you feel better soon.


yeh sorry marmite I do snore not much I can do about that.
I can give out ear plugs for anyone neer to me lol
look forward to seeing u all again.
not long till Scottish trip wot 4 wks damn.
didn’t mean to offend u marmite sorry.
hope to see u all soon, graham


Unfortunately It looks like I wont be making Hulme End this year. :’(


Thanks Graham. You’re a good man.


Have booked a twin room at hulme end thinkin john was going. Now got a spare space if anyone looking for a bed and breakfast.
I can supply ear plugs . Lol


Have booked the time off work so will be going, looking forward to seeing you all again. Graham I’ve booked a room so wont need to share, no disrespect I really enjoyed your company but I’m to big to fit a single bed anymore! See you there.



Thats fine gary. Hope u got ure carb sorted out. Bloody fork seals went on mine . At least it happened on way home. Got them changed now


Do we know who all will make it to hulme emd.


Got carbs all sorted, though had to do them twice! Must have been crap in pump that went into carbs as soon as I started it up. All new filters fitted now I’ve even fitted two to make sure it never happens again. Does the bike feel better with the new cush drive rubbers? I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing mine for some time now and wondered what difference it makes.



Didnt make much differance gary. I just noticed when i was oiling chain at bettyhill there was a wee bit play in them when u rocked back wheel back and forth. But yeh its a bit smoother on gear change not much.


Hi gmcc, PM sent.


just been looking at my calendar, I’m shocked, there’s only 3 full weekends for fettling the vf before Hulme end, the way I’m performing mine will still be plastered in Spanish mud lol.
looking forward to catching up with everyone.


Hi Pete,
yes I’m looking forward to it as well:grin:. My 1000FF has had a few quid spent on her recently so is just about ready. whats the usual plan for the weekend? I’m only staying Friday night and will set off home sSaturday Tea time cos we’re off to motoGP Sunday AM.


Hi all, really looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks. Does anybody know where we will be riding? I’m off work on the friday so am going to take a circuitous route to the manifold inn arriving in time for pre dinner drinks at 5pm. See you all then.



graham and I will be setting off at 12 so will probs arrive at the same time,not 100% on the route the more local lads take I’m sure it won’t involve much motorway(over to you Pete)
look forward to catching up with you all Bif