Hume End 2016


A little over 4 weeks to go and I still have my bike in bits.Never trust an ad that says “will fly through an MOT”
Then there is the family holiday which kicks off on Monday,it may be tight!!
Regards Bif


Getting the Bol sorted for Hulme End. Did a regulator/rectifier mod on my mate Martins Blackbird and thought I might just check out the Bol and do the same on it. Good job I did. Melted stator wire plug and slightly melted wiring.I have just purchased the correct W type crimp terminals and crimping tool so it should be sorted very soon, just waiting for a new multiplug connector coming. I have gotten all the terminals and plugs, wiring and tool from a company online called . Excellent service.
Getting my new rear tyre fitted tomorrow so I hope to give her a shakedown run on Saturday. Fingers crossed on the overheating front, the new top rad and flushing the system should improve matters and the new ignition switch will stop the bumclenching moment I had on the last trip when it cut ignition as I was passing a car at about 90.


Interesting stuff john, ill have to have a nosey at that mod, just fitted the rack and hard luggage to the vf, also swapped the rather loud Delkevic DS70 end cans for the more sedate ones that were on the FE, so should be cruising around Derbyshire in stealth mode ;D, changed coolant, and will do oil when K+N filter arives…
Just need to sort the tent and sleeping bag, make sure the mice haven’t been living in them and we are good to go…
Think myself and Phil are planning on arriving some time mid afternoon, 2.00/3.00ish…


Us from oop north are aiming to arrive about 4pm,this working for a living keeps getting in the way of more important matters.
1pm kick off from work with GMCC then 2.30 meet with Johnboy and Martin at Penrith
Happy days


Thanks for the nudge Bif. We, “me and Mrs E” are booked in the manifold on the Friday but have to leave early Sat for a ‘do’ in York. We will probs make our way down the A1/M1 for arrival at about 4-5pm for a few beers and a catch up. Wont be on the VF (again) coz I can’t get all our gear on. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Are we booked for scoff on that Fri?


Be great to see you Ivan,you won’t be the only non VF rider so don’t give that a second thought.
We are in the Manifold too so will ring and arrange a big table for 9/10 places.
What time suits everyone 7ish?
Regards Bif


Dont want to speak too soon butthe cooling problem seems tobe sorted and my front brakes are now excellent thanks to the EBC HH pads that I have now got in. Looking forward to seeing everyone again . Cant wait.


7.00 sounds as good a time as any for eating… leaves plenty of time to sample a few beers…
Will be good to see you there Ivan whatever your riding…


Obviously Ivan will be on a Dnieper ?


Table booked for 7.00 and 10 places,any extras are on GMCC’s knee
Regards Bif


Great wkend we did a fair few mls. Good company and all the bicks did behave
Themselfs even if the owners didnt.
Oh aye thanks ivan and samanth you were right that cream u gave me burned even more after a shower.
Ouch. Lol
Thanks to bill and others that orgized it all.


yes, it goes without saying, a good weekend with good company, was great to see bill, graham, john, martin, phil, Ivan and mrs I.
Other than the first evening in the Manifold, which was cracking, i think the highlight of the weekend was bill and myself who got split up from the group, following my tomtom rider to the ponderosa bikers cafe, when i set the destination to “winding Roads” i diden’t realise it ment 15 miles of what can only be discribed as cart tracks, single track, in some places it looked like the tarmac was going to end, had a few strange looks from the dog walkers and cyclists who had to step off the road so we could squeeze past them on the bikes, the sheep didn’t like the vf either :o

P.S. bad news that paul had some mechanical issues which meant he couldnt get there, hope you got home ok matey,


Well done boys, really was too much for me to cram in that having just got back hours earlier from a heavy 3 days away at the Dorset Steam Fair. I would have gone anyway but when the weather turned evil and was going in my direction, that was the final decider.
Looks like this is turning into a VF annual event so role on next year.


Great trip again. Enjoyed the whole weekend and was great to meet Samantha. Saw some great sights including Jodrell Bank thanks to my less than outstanding navigational skills!
Thanks to all who made it and commiserations to those who didn’t. Hope everyone can make the next Scotland trip. ;D


Nice to meet everyone had a great weekend can’t wait for the Scotland trip hope everyone got home ok


Me and Sam had a great night out with you guys. Nice to see you all again. We should have stayed for Saturday aswell; hindsight is a great thing.

Graham, the Arabic lotion is from Zamzam direct but you can get it on fleabay & Amazon…that sounds dodgy.

We will be up Kielder way 9/10 Sept if anyone is about.