Hume End 2016

Getting addicted to the company of other VF owners,any decision on dates for Hulme End Pete?
Regards Bif

hi bif,

i hadn’t really thought about dates yet, last year we did the august bank holiday weekend which would be fri 26th to sunday 28th, i dont think you have the bank holiday monday in scotland though.
I’m happy to do any weekend, I supose for those who want to book a room in the manifold inn we need to sort the dates out soon, i’m happy to do the tenting expierience so i can snore and fart like a rutting hedgehog without offending anyone ;D

Hi Pete I am happy with any date mate and I don’t mind the camping thing either, now I am divorced I can do what I like and am enjoying getting back into the life of bikes and would really enjoy meeting up with you guys again cannot think of a better way to spend my midlife crisis with good company, good ale and good food, roll on Hulme end

If the last weekend in august is the date then there is a good chance I can swing it. Would love to do that again with hopefully even more of us. Best Craic going

I couldn’t make that weekend but I notice the 1st August is a Bank Holiday for the Scots. As Pete said, the main criteria is usually when the Manifold Pub has rooms and I notice they still have availability for the 27th and 28th Aug but not the earlier July dates. I guess that looks like I’ve blown it again. :frowning:
An alternative is to come down to our place in North Wiltshire where there is camping in the garden and local cheap accommodation. We can have a BBQ on the Saturday night helping to keep the costs right down. I understand Hulme End has become an annual sojourn for the club but the offer is there if you want.
Local attractions are Stonehenge / Avebury and a huge canal steam pump even the Haynes Museum ( 2 hrs ride) etc with the emphasis being going leisurely to places of interest to see and enjoy having just ridden many miles to get here ?
Your shout chaps - I’ll not be offended either way.
p.s. I can send more details via p.m. to those who want to know more before committing.

That sounds really interesting Martin.Always interested in new places and experiences.

can we not do both…

The more the merrier.
;D ;D ;D ;D

OK. The way its looking at the moment, Pete and John sound like they’re up for two events. First in North Wilts at the end of July ( Scottish bank holiday on Monday the 1st Aug) and Hulme End in Derbyshire on 26th to 28th of August. We know Phil can’t make the Nth Wilts event but he can do Hulme End so what do others of you think ? Paul ? Biff ? Graham ? etc ?

I can probably do both as I am not going to Italy till September

My main holiday is the first two weeks in August this year,so dahn Sarf will be out for me.
Last year Pete kindly choose dates that made it possible for me to make Hulme,so if the end of August is on I will be there.
Regards Bif

Biff, would the 19th / 20th / 21st of Aug be too close to your holiday ?

August is totally booked up for me Martin,Corfu the first two weeks,the19th is our wedding anniversary and Hulme is the following weekend.

I think that we need to keep hulme end on the last bank holiday weekend in august 26th to 28th , especially for those who are traveling a long way and need to book in at the manifold as it appears there are still rooms vacant at the moment, and if we keep to these dates every year we will be able to book the rooms well in advance, plus we can all pencil it in on our calenders early in the year…

Ive said for a long time that we should do something down south, so i think martins idea of a southern trip is great, and the invitation of cheep camping at marmite towers is very hospitable (ive already mentioned it at my local satans slaves meeting, theres quite a bit of interest ;))
I hope we can get this third “southern trip” off the ground, there are quite a few members south of watford and it would be great to see a few more vf’s,
So martin, you can count me in if your still up for organising it

That sounds a good position Pete. Hulme End should remain the last weekend in August for traditional reasons. We’ll see how the end of July pans out regarding interest from others then make a decision by 7th July after which I’m incommunicado for a while.

Rooms booked for 26/27/28 of August,four of us will make the trip from SW Scotland and the Lake District.
Looking forward to it
Regards Bif

'er indoors is creating waves about the end of July in Nth Wilts ( 1st weekend after a spell on hols) and as Hulme End is building nicely I think we’d better bang it on the head sadly.
Sorry about that peeps. Next time.


downer martin,

i may shoot down the A1 to the ace cafe for a day out, see how the other half live… :wink:

[quote author=vf pete link=topic=1675.msg8873#msg8873 date=1464037799]

downer martin,

i may shoot down the A1 to the ace cafe for a day out, see how the other half live… :wink:

end of august good for me. allready cleared it with mrs grumpy.
look forward to seeing u all again.
i enjoyed our scottish weekend , just wish we could do it more often. /quote]

Yes Graham. …
Scotland was a great weekend. I fear the roads around derbyshire arn’t quite upto the scotish standards… But the company will be just as good… …not long now till the end of august