I got two bikes spread out in different boxes, and i want to sell

Hey there! I got three vf1000f’s. Two of them are not complete, as they are mostly in parts. Is it wise to just sell the different parts? I dont really know anything about selling motorbike parts:)
And what is worth the most? Is there any sites that i should know of?

I’m looking for a rear wheel. Is that something that you have and would be willing to part with?

Hi there! Jes i have:)

Thank you for your rapid reply.
I do not need a tire, or cush drive which would cut down on shipping costs.
How much would you sell one for in decent shape?
I’m in California so the shipping may be cost prohibitive.

Many Thanks again!

I see. So just the rim? I can take like 50 dollars for it
Greetings from Norway

Yes- Wheel/Rim only. That is a fair price.
How do we proceed? I can PayPal or whatever you prefer?
And shipping to 95355 California? How do we figure that out? I’m willing to move on this.

My email is manderson@cplandersonjr.org - Much easier for me to communicate. Also, I only get (3) responses on this site as a new member.

Thank you!

Mike Anderson

We can tall more on facebook, if that’s alright

I sent you an email:)

I am looking for a Rear Air Shock cable. And a Air box,.,

If you sent me an email I either deleted it or didn"t get it.
Send again sorry

Hey there! Just got finished with my last exams, sorry for not answering! Send me an email: elias.laangvatn@gmail.com