I think yours is 405-415 this shock is 400-410 long shock

going to strip out the shock and pro link bit soon
worse case scenario the showa shock is dead or the prolink needs a regrease ,
found a replacement new one on eBay
the guy thinks the vf1000fe is 405-415 this shock is 400-410 long

anyone know if this is true and can i get away with 5mm less movement ?

hi windy,

from memory the fe shock is 400mm long, the ff is 10mm longer at 410, i dont think you would have any less travel on the susspension, but fitting the ff shock to the fe will jack the back end up by at least 25 to 35mm…
I did the same on the project bike and thats pretty tall in the sadle now.

The top mounts are different widths too.
Later ones are narrower from memory.