If you need your cams re-ground...

I just had my cams re-ground and they look like new. You might want to check this place out." Colt Cams " in Aldergrove BC Canada. He does cams for all kinds of engines from all over the world. $368 (Canadian ) for the VF1000 set. Grind and Parkerize.

Nice job, I have never heard the term “Parkerize” before, is that a type of case hardening?

Well you learn something new every day, in 40+ years of motorcycling, rebuilding etc I had not until today heard this term, but there it is:

Yep, apparently it aids lubrication of the cams, don’t think it hardens them. But he’s been doing cams this way for a long time. Like I said they look better than new!

Also a new one on me AJ. Sounds worthwhile though.