I'm thinking of buying one, but.........

I have been doing a lot of reading about this bike. 1984 VF1000F Interceptor. What I don’t understand is how the Magna and Sabre get a higher horsepower and top speed rating than the Interceptor sport bike? What is the deal? I mean, is it the same engine as the Magna or what?

Hi, and good luck with your plan.
Big Magnas and Sabres are 1100 (1098) cc, and Interceptors are 1000 (998)cc. The engines are totally different, they even rotate opposite direction. So are the characters of the bikes. I have both big Sabre and a VF1000F2 (tourer version of Interceptor) with a R-model’s engine, and the Sabre has lots more of low-end torque, but the F2 runs more happily in higher rpm:s. The top speed and horsepower are not all, I bet that the Interceptor is fastest of these three in pratice, especially if the road is not straight. Because if the fairing, you can keep the speed up much more better than with custom or naked bike.

Really? Why on Earth did Honda do that? Why a different engine for the interceptor if it was still a V4? I mean, what is the purpose?

Could have been to do with the shaft drive? Just guessing, but I seem to remember hearing that before about one of the Vee twin Yamahas.

Shaft drive/chain drive might be the reason for opposite rotations. The cylinders in all our Vfours are in 90 degree’s angle, but the pairs are in different angle in shaft drives and chain drives, believe it or not. This was probably to make Interceptor engines lower, and to have lower gravity center. Very few parts are interchangeable.

Just how rare is this bike? I can’t find any production numbers on it. Also, this particular bike I am looking at has a full fairing painted to match the red, white, and blue theme as opposed to the bottom fairing I see on most Interceptors. Was this a factory option? Thanks for the replies so far guys.

If you download the parts catalogue from this page (VF1000&Interceptor), you will find out production numbers.
Parts list is handy too, if you happen to purchase the bike. The full fairing is aftermarket part, it looks good in my opinion. R:s and F2:s were fully faired from the factory, maybe somebody has adapted such a fairing in the Interceptor. Hard to say without photos.

The shaft verses chain will be the reason for different horsepower figures as well I guess because as we know a shaft will suck up more power than a chain.
With regards to your question whats the point of changing two apparently similar engine configs - well all I can say is look at almost ANY model range of any Honda made over the years and this is common practice. I happen to know a little about the relatively short lived CX range and they were frustratingly different not only from the 500 to 650 but also within the GL, Custom, Eurosport etc etc. Spare parts make very good money you know !!