In need of parts to VF 1000 F2 1986

Hi there, I am rebuilding an old Honda VF 1000 FII 1986
In need of a couple of parts, as Cam shaft Exh RR part number 14141MB6306, and Camshaft in, fr part number 14111MB6306
Do you have any of these parts accessable? or if lists of parts availabe to this Motorcycle? in other dealers is same parts as for 1984 VF 1000. I have searched many places,and got most parts, but there is 4 camshafts so still looking to get my Jewel back onto the streets

look on there are always engines and parts for sale there

I have an engine from F2, 95000 km in the odometer. I removed it from fully working bike (changed to a R-Engine), ant it has been stored inside since removal. No carbs, no starter.
Cams were good when adjusted valves last time. I can even arrange cheapish transport to north Norway.

Pekka, what is price? Is it the 85 engine with smaller oil lubricant channels in top?

Hi, I have totally lost this thread, sorry. I am thinking something like 350 Euros. The engine is from -85 bike, with line bored camshafts.

You can mail me directly pekka(dot)koivu (atatatata) finnlog(dot)fi That mailbox is monitored regularly.