Intermittent popping near battery


My 86 Vf1000f2 has an intermittent popping coming from near the battery and wondered whether anyone else has come across this?

It sounds like an electrical pop but only every 10 seconds or so… doesn’t affect the riding as bike runs well.

Previous owner added a gel battery but doubt this would impact it?

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

Thanks all,


Hi Matt, it’s more than likely the fuel pump you can hear .


Thanks @vf_pete

Hi Matt

The petrol pump is behind the battery and can be quite noisy, at tick over it will click every 10 seconds or so especially if it is starved of petrol. Check the filter in case it requires replacing, it is situated under the breather bottle behind the battery, remove tank and seat and pull breather bottle out and it is mounted on the plastic frame for the electrics and the pump is underneath. Good luck.


Will do thanks @garyb