intruders vf1000 dyno tune up

Hi guys had my bike down at dynobike in Malton north yorkshire,thouhgt I would share results.

Bike went in running ok but not good, hard to start and rough idle.
Dynobike man stripped carbs ,re drilled one pilot jet ,cleaned out and balanced carbs, they were miles out, it is now showing a tad over 100 bhp at the back wheel ( they only have about 116 at the crank when new)now that is pretty good going for a 1984 bike, it runs smooth and picks up much faster.It was a little down on compression but that happens on all engines with age and maybe valve clearance check is next. all in all I am very happy for £140.00, the bike now goes well like it looks as it should. my after market pipes from pipewerx exhausts had not been a problem he just adjusted needles to bring up mid range. well worth doing if you think yours is way out and cant fix.

hi intruder,
sounds like good value for the money,theres a fair bit of work in stripping the carbs, and ballancing them can be quite fiddly (honda should have made ballancing screw so you can adjust from above)how long did it take.

I’m impressed. Very good value for £140.

That does sound like a good deal, glad to hear it is all going as it should !

Thats real good value,I paid £100 just to dyno my big bore Puch Grand Prix moped and set up 1 carb not 4.

Hi, yes I am happy with that, he is a fair guy who knows what he is doing, my local honda dealer would have charged way more and dont have a dyno to get optimal results, I will be taking my zzr12 down to him in the spring to get that sorted for the summer too. I am not sure how long as I just dropped the bike off last saturday and he said it will be ready late week so cant answer that one, but I would have thought 3 hours to strip and adjust carbs then on the dyno. I think he charges £50 for a dyno run but that is for enough runs to get tuning right ,if hes not happy he adjusts then dyno runs again without extra charge. this guy has plaques and pics on his wall of him as team mechanic at race meetings including I of M tt . would totaly recomend him to any one not too far away. .search dynobike on google and you will get his set up. cheers

sounds like a top man, ive all ready made a note to take the vf down next year if i get it on the road, that carb ballancing is a funny thing, i can ballance them at tick over and get them perfect, but when you rev the bike the gauges go allways then settle bang on again at tick over… i dont think theres much wrong with the vf excelleration/pick up… though not as fast as my zzr11, it seems to pull nearly as hard, sepecially above 7500 revs.

Just to add, not much difference but the dyno print out for torque shows just over 65lbs/foot, thats up 2 from stock but its negligable but in the right direction. Also starts alot easier too.