Is a Nissin seal a Nissin seal?

From what I can tell the VF1000FE has 32mm pistons on all calipers.
32mm Nissin pistons are used many Hondas and I guess many other brands as well.
Question is, are all Nissin 32mm seals the same?
If so, are all 30mm seals the same etc?

As far as I am aware the seals not only have an internal diameter but an external dimension as well as a height dimension so you cannot just buy a seal by the diameter of the piston. Even Different model Nissin calipers will use different dimension seals. It is easier to buy seals specific to model of bike.

Do they though? That was my question
More to the point is which models share the same seals as our VFs?

if you go to the cmsnl website and search the part it also tells you some of the other models which use the same part

A lot of 80’s bikes do,fzr 1000/750,gsxr750,vf750,cbx750,1200 gold wing to name a few

Thanks gents, that was the answer I was looking for.