Is Black “highgloss black” or “mat black”

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I’m completely rebuilding a VF1000F SC15 ‘84 in Belgium and I was wondering wether the black colour on the non-engine parts were originally Black high gloss or rather black satin or even black mat?
Anybody knows how it supposed to be?
Thanks for any info!

Welcome Vloeike!

And the short answer is, I’ve no idea!

Mine was rebuilt by a chap in Germany, but as far as I can tell, the engine finish is satin as opposed to gloss, but I stand to be corrected by one of the more knowledgeable owners here.


Got a 1984 Sc15 myself tucked up in bed for winter
My parts are Gloss black
Welcome from lloyd in norwich UK

Hi, I have had 2 vf1000f and 1 vf750f, I think the bike pic posted gives the answer, Mine had gloss black engines and body work but there isnt much else apart from the brakes(matt) and the sub frame thingy and that was satin , the vf1000 I have now is standard apart from paint on body work and exhaust so not alot of black.
The original end cans were black chrome I think. bf in doubt use satin on frame parts as I think gloss looks like it has been hand painted as it shows up more of the blemishes underneath. Black wheels on some but gold on others.vf1000%20%203

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HI Vloike, welcome to the forum!

Like others who have replied I am not a factory spec/concours expert, all I can offer is my expierience from my ,86 F; Engine, radiator (core), oil cooler, upper and lower front fork yokes and lower stantions are gloss black. Other plastic other than painted outer bodywork is natural satin black plastic finish. After basic cleaning with mild soapy water I have found that a product called “Armour All” keeps the natural satin finish on black plastic in the best overall look and condition.

Good luck with the project…Photos of the project when ongoing are always of interest to forum members!

I have a NOS set of crank cases. They are satin black. The engine covers were gloss.
For parts like the handle bars and top yoke, PJ1 satin black is indistinguishable from NOS honda parts.

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