It has come to my attention...

… that there are very few pictures of the mighty VF hoisting a minger.

That is to say, I’ve not found a single picture of a VF with the front wheel aloft.

Now I myself am renowned at being crap at wheelies, but the entire forum complement can hardly suffer from the same disability.

Is it that the platform is unsuited to the practice, or are VF owners a mechanically sympathetic bunch, unwilling to ask such fripperies of their bikes?

I prefer to leave that to the youger less inteligent out there. >:(
I didnt get to this age by being an idiot 8)

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D classic ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Both wheelss off

I demand a like x 10 button!

Is that the legendary Geoff!

Indeed it is… not a big TT fan so can’t tell you the name of the bridge…

I was informed by a Guy who raced against him the R went tits up and they did a few tweeks to an F2F and ran that…103mph lap with this Tank of a bike… he did one less fuel stop due to the huge fuel tank which gave him a big time advantage.

Great photo radical… are there anymore Geoff johnson bold’or pics out there ?

It’s not the first time the"big tank"theory has been put forward.
The GPZ has a 22lt tank the "big tank"of the Bol holds 23lt
The GPZ does over 45mpg the Bol does 40 on a good day
Geoff won the same race in 84 on a GPZ in 1.04.30 at 105.28av
In 85 he won on the Bol in1.04.36 at 105.12av.
None of the factories were interested in the production TT at this time so all bikes were private entries with minimal mods.
There were other Hondas in the race too,Peter Linden for example was aboard a CBX750.
Ken Dobson,Barry Woodland,Peter Skold and Michael Williams were also on Hondas.
There is no indication that there ever was an intention to field an R
Best regards Bif

Biff, do we know why no “R’s” were entered. They would seem to have been a viable choice - certainly over the Bol ?

No problem, Ascalon, if you realy want to lift your front wheel with a VF without having to go to the IOM, just indulge yourself a V65 VF1100C Magna or VF1100 Sabre and give her full throttle drag racer style. That will do the trick up to the 4th gear! :-X

But I sure won’t do this with mine, Sally is a good ol’ girl and she deserves better! :smiley:

I was talking to Steve Ives who raced against him a few times and the R was intended to race but it had a gremlin so they switched bikes.
If.and its a big if,i can get one if mine fully serviced and in fine fettle I hope to have it entered in the Classic TT now they have confirmed it is eligible.