It lives and breathes.

:slight_smile: YES !!
After 8 months of general fagging around I eventually got around to the moment of truth. I’d tried the other day and 3 blats on the starter produced a flat battery so recharged and hooked the car battery up. Bit of juggling with choke and throttle and she fired up like a good un.
Just waiting for new front wheel spindle to get made, investigate front brake switch which as mysteriously packed up then get WoF’ d and mobile again.
Just in time for the end of summer.

well done and happy riding got any pics ?

Should have some on the computer if I can find, otherwise I’ ll take some soon as I can get it out of garage.

Yorky, she should be OK for the “Hoots Mon” Scottish VF trip at the beginning of May ?

That would be great. Pity I’m in New Zealand ;D

Light Weight !!

well done yorky on resurecting another vf, even though its on the far side of the world… ;D