It pays to shop around!

As part of my restoration I wanted an original clutch line in ‘as new’ condition. It’s made in 3 sections, crimped together, a long length of rigid pipe with short length of flexible rubber hose at each end incorporating the fittings. I had been unable to find anyone making replicas of the original (though I have found a firm specializing in replica brake lines using original equipment parts from the original japanese suppliers), so I checked on the CMS Spares and Dave Silver websites. Result, they both had one in stock. The shock came when I compared prices. Bear in mind they are both the original NOS Honda part, Dave Silver Spares price was £20, plus posta and packing and VAT made £25.54 in total. The same part from CMS was £143.78!!! As you may have figured, I got the one from Silvers!!(funny enough, the one on the CMS site has now been sold as it now lists availability as nil, so someone has a deep pocket!)

Hi Scratcher,
noticed this befor, ordered a NOS meters cover from Dave Silvers for my fe, returned unit because there was no rubber button fitted (should be included). When I ordered the one shown in stock at CMS, surprise surprise they emailed back saying they had no stock.
The thought had crossed my mind that CMS are listing other companies stock.

Any Ideas on replacing the rubber trip button from another model Honda.


I had the same problem with my reset button. I struck lucky and got a damaged set of clocks from a breakers which still had a good rubber button cap I could use, the rest was smashed. Now I think of it you could be on to something with CMS! They state a delay of several days from date of order to processing/picking and getting it out to you which can take a week or more. Plenty of time to ‘obtain’ the part from another source and add on a few bob for themselves! Mmmm, makes you wonder don’t it?

Silver prices many parts in £20. I got to my babysabre: left switch, right switch, gearshift lever system, rear brake pedal, rear brake cover, side rails; all were 20 pounds. Oops, this is dangerous: now I begin to see, how much invested to bike, which will be used in-town driving only… But it will look great, as new.